Return to Worship Smart and Safe at Hillside Alliance

Now that we are able to worship together in person again, please take note of the safety guidelines below.

Because of the coronavirus, the people at Hillside Alliance church have been physically away from worshiping the Lord in person at the church building. However, the people of Hillside Alliance church have been worshiping together through the online worship service. As the country, state, and county start to open up and have people move more freely, we want to open up the church building to have people worship together in person, but we want to do this in a smart and safe manner. The following plan deals with the people of Hillside Alliance Church worshiping the Lord in person in a smart and safe manner. This plan has been affirmed with the Tompkins County Health Department.

The church doors will open at 10:30 am. The service will begin at 11:00 am.

As you enter the building, what will take place?

  1. The ramp door will be open for those with special needs. The carport double doors will be open; however, the lower door will only be open due to fire regulations. Please enter through one of the two upper doors. We ask you not to enter or exit through the lower door except for a fire emergency.
  2. People entering the building will be required to wear a mask. If they do not have a mask, then a mask will be given to them before they enter the building. Our goal is to maintain a positive witness and show concern for our brothers and sisters in Christ. If they refuse to wear a mask, then they can go home and watch the worship service online.
  3. As people enter the building, they will need to follow social distancing (six feet apart) guidelines. Ushers will escort you to your seats. Please be prepared to not necessarily sit in your favorite seat. Please follow the guidelines to stay six feet from each other. Please do not sit with anyone other than your family members.
  4. There will be social distancing guidelines posted on the doors entering the church building.
  5. As you enter the building, please go directly into the sanctuary. There will be no coffee or mingling in the lobby or downstairs in the kitchen area. If you are wearing a coat or sweater, please bring it into the sanctuary with you.

Once you enter the building, then what?

  1. As you enter the sanctuary, through the double doors by the carport, there will be hand sanitizer throughout the back part of the sanctuary. Please use hand sanitizer before you go to your seat.
  2. If you have children, there will be children’s packets for your children to help them with the service. These packets will be near the hand sanitizer.
  3. After you use the hand sanitizer, you may pick up a bulletin and get a children’s bulletin. Then, please take a seat. Remember, as you take your seat, there will be people to help you find a seat so we can follow the social distancing (6 feet apart) guidelines.
  4. As you take your seat, try not to move around the church building. We understand if you have to use the bathroom or take a high-energy child out of the service. If you have to take a high-energy child out of the service, there will be rooms designated for you to go and support you with your child.
  5. If you have to use the bathroom, please enter the bathroom through the one door marked bathroom that is located next to the lobby of the church or you may use the downstairs bathrooms. Please follow the guidelines to stay six feet from each other. Once you have used the bathroom, please enter the sanctuary going through the lobby and the double doors. Parents must accompany their children to the bathrooms.
  6. If you are sitting in your seat, you do not have to wear a mask, but if you are moving around the church building, you must wear a mask.
  7. During the singing of the hymns and worship songs, everyone in the pews must wear a mask. Those leading singing on the platform will remove their masks while leading worship because they will be more than 12 feet from those seated. Pastor will also remove his mask when speaking.
  8. Parents, please make sure your children are with you wearing a mask if you are walking in and out of the church. Please do not let your children run around and play with other children.
  9. Please look at the screens up front as they will be displaying critical information concerning the service, CDC guidelines and other updates. Please follow them to the best of your ability.
  10. Please participate in as much of the service that you are comfortable with.
  11. There will be no breakfast, Sunday school classes or children’s church until further
  12. During the service, we will not have a greeting time. Please refrain from hugging and
    shaking hands. This will be difficult, but must be followed.
  13. An offering plate will be available before and after the service at the back of the
    sanctuary for your offering. 14. On Communion Sunday, self-contained juice and wafer sets will be available in the lobby and each person can pick one up on their way into the sanctuary. 15. The following people will need to wear masks and gloves: Elders helping with Communion, those who prepare the Communion, Ushers, and those who will help direct people to their seats.

Once the service is over, then what?

  1. Once the service is finished, Ushers will dismiss you from your seat. Be sure to take everything with you and do not leave anything behind. Please leave the building right away. Put your mask on and keep the social distancing (six feet apart) as you leave the building.
  2. If you want to socialize, please socialize in the parking lot or on the lawn. As you socialize please keep the social distancing (6 feet apart) in mind.
  3. The sanctuary, bathrooms, and other areas of the church will be disinfected right after the church service.

Thank you for your understanding and this plan will be reviewed on a weekly basis as changes happen with our county, state, and country. Again, the goal for Hillside Alliance Church is to have people return to worship the Lord together in corporate worship in a smart and safe manner.